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Terms & Conditions

1. Membership

1.  Membership

Air Miles is free to join. You can join via our website, our mobile App or by picking up a Key Tag in selected partner outlets.


We will set up an Air Miles account to record Air Miles collected or spent by you (the “Primary Cardholder”). 


A Primary Cardholder can allow up to 3 other immediate family members (“Additional Cardholder”) to collect Air Miles on his/her Air Miles account. Please ask Additional Cardholders to also read these details.


Should any of the following events occur, we reserve the right to terminate membership and revoke any accrued Air Miles:

  1. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions.
  2. Supplying false or misleading information to us or our partners.
  3. Abuse of any membership privileges.
  4. If you don’t use, collect or spend Air Miles for a period of fifteen months.
  5. Death or bankruptcy of the Primary Cardholder.

2. Collecting Air Miles

2.  Collecting Air Miles

Use your digital card in the Air Miles app (or plastic key tag or card) at the partner outlets before every transaction with them.  Selected partners may allow you to collect Air Miles for telephone or internet purchases, please ensure to check with the chosen partner before placing your order.  In these instances you must quote your Air Miles card number at the time of ordering upon confirming eligibility with the partner. Issuance of Air Miles in all scenarios is at our partners’ discretion.


When using your HSBC credit card and your Air Miles card at partners, your Air Miles collected on both cards will be featured on your next credit card statement from HSBC. We will update your account balance including Air Miles collected and spent and you can view your statement online. We will correct your Air Miles account if we are satisfied that it is inaccurate; our decision is final. Miles will normally be credited to your account within 30 days of your transaction (maximum)

3. Personal Information

3.  Personal Information

For details regarding your data and privacy, please read our full privacy policy http://airmilesme.com/en-uae/privacypolicy

4. General

4.  General

We reserve the right at any time and without prior notice:

  1. To change these terms and conditions, the qualifying goods and services, the reward portfolio and our partners
  2. To suspend or terminate the Air Miles programme


We will notify you of changes to your Air Miles account via your monthly statement.


Air Miles have no monetary value and cannot be sold, transferred or otherwise dealt with except in accordance with these terms and conditions.


We cannot be held liable for any loss, theft, damage or unauthorised use of an Air Miles Card or reward, whether in the course of delivery or otherwise. Replacement Air Miles Cards / Key Tags can be provided at our discretion.


All conditions and warranties, whether expressed or implied and whether arising under legislation or otherwise, as to the condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of any reward supplied are expressly excluded to the full extent permitted by law. Any liability that cannot be fully excluded is limited, where permitted, to replacing, repairing or crediting the value of the reward at our discretion.


All exclusions and limitations of liability in these terms and conditions apply for our security and the benefit of all partners and reward providers.

Partners and reward providers do not have any authority, expressed or implied, to make any representation or warranty on our behalf.


5. Transfer of Air Miles

5.  Transfer of Air Miles


Air Miles are personal to your Air Miles account and cannot normally be transferred. However, a Primary Cardholder can merge the Air Miles with another account by submitting the evident documents signed along with ID copies.

6. Miles Expiry


6.  Miles Expiry


Three Year Air Miles Expiry Policy

Air Miles have a three-year Expiry Policy, which runs from March each year.  e.g. All Air Miles earned up to 31st March 2014 will be subject to expiry on 31st March 2017.


Fifteen-month Inactive Account Expiry Policy

We may close any Air Miles account on which no Air Miles have been collected or redeemed for a continuous period of 15 months.  Upon account closure, any Air Miles in such account will expire.


7. Rewards Terms and Conditions

7. Rewards Terms and Conditions​


Air Miles will maintain a catalogue of e-vouchers on www.airmilesme.com specifying the partners where these e-vouchers are redeemable with Air Miles. 


Only Primary account members with a registered Air Miles account are able to redeem for Air Miles rewards. 

Air Miles can be redeemed in-store with specified rewards suppliers as detailed online at airmilesme.com.  To redeem in-store, members must present their Air Miles virtual card or key tag and correctly answer account security questions, as well as present photographic ID. Members will need to ensure their personal and contact details are up-to-date on their Air Miles account to pass the security validation. To redeem online at airmilesme.com members will need to log into their Air Miles account and ensure that their contact details are up-to-date.    


Reward options may be withdrawn or amended without prior notice.


Rewards prices may be amended at any time.


Rewards are subject to availability, suppliers’ warranties and restrictions at the time of redemption.


At the time of redemption, the Air Miles balance must be at least equal to the total Air Miles value of the reward being redeemed.

Air Miles will automatically be deducted from the members account at the time of redemption.

Upon redemption, the Air Miles member will directly enter into a sale / purchase relationship with the concerned supplier of the Air Miles rewards.  Aimia Middle East FZ-LLC., the holding company of the Air Miles Programme shall only act as an agent for redemption of Air Miles. Members agree that Air Miles can pass their name, account number, address / email address and contact number to the relevant reward supplier where required for them to fulfill the redemption.


Air Miles rewards can only be redeemed in the country registered by the Air Miles member.


8. Electronic Rewards

8. Electronic Rewards


The below T&C’s apply for products redeemed from 13th November, 2014 onwards. For any electronics redeemed before the 13th November 2014, supplier product warranties are applicable and the Air Miles call centre should be contacted.


Electronics rewards are non cancellable and non refundable and cannot be exchanged for Air Miles, cash or other rewards.


All faulty items have to be returned to a Sharaf DG service centre within 7 working days of delivery, and will be governed by Sharaf DG T&C’s.


At the time of returning the faulty item, the cardholder has to quote the mobile number provided at the time of the redemption as a reference.


9. Accommodation Rewards

9. Accommodation Rewards


Accommodation must be booked directly with the hotel before spending Air Miles for an accommodation reward voucher.


At the time of booking you must inform the hotel that you will be using an Air Miles accommodation reward voucher towards the cost of your stay.


Air Miles accommodation reward vouchers excludes taxes, service charges, F&B, Internet and any other surcharges which must be paid directly to the hotel at the time of your stay.


The age limit for children varies - please check with the hotel when making your booking.


The acceptance of reward bookings will be at the discretion of the hotel. 


Reward voucher terms and conditions also apply.


10. In-Store Rewards

10.  In-store Rewards


The value of your redemptions cannot exceed the total value of your purchase.


To redeem your Air Miles in-store you must present your Air Miles Key Tag/Card and ensure your mobile no is registered in your Air Miles account, as you will be sent a 'One time Password' at check out to complete the redemption process


Air Miles are redeemable in-store only and cannot be used to purchase goods over the phone or via the reward provider’s website.


Air Miles can be used as part payment and any balance must be paid at the time of purchase.


Air Miles are not redeemable in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discounted rate, unless otherwise stated.


Once the redemption has been processed it cannot be cancelled or refunded.


Reward provider standard terms and conditions also apply. Please refer to the relevant in-store reward at airmilesme.com to learn more.


11. e-vouchers

11. e- vouchers


e-vouchers are issued by Aimia Middle East FZ-LLC. for use at the specified reward provider.


e-vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date issued as shown on the e-voucher and are not valid beyond this date.


e-vouchers can be used towards purchases at participating reward provider outlets to the value mentioned.


e-vouchers with a monetary value can be used as part payment. If the price of the purchase exceeds this value, the balance must be paid on purchase. If the price of the purchase is less than the value of the e-vouchers, no change will be given.


Multiple e-vouchers can be used per transaction.


e-vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.


e-vouchers may not be applicable for certain goods or services. Please check with the reward provider for any exclusions. 


Damaged, photocopied e-vouchers will not be accepted.


e-vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash nor sold or transferred for value.


e-vouchers are non cancellable and non refundable and cannot be exchanged for Air Miles, cash or other rewards.


Aimia Middle East FZ-LLC or the reward provider are not responsible if  e-vouchers are lost, stolen or used without permission. e-vouchers will be sent via email only.


Vouchers remain the property of Aimia Middle East FZ-LLC.


The goods or services purchased using e-vouchers are the responsibility of the rewards provider and not Air Miles.


Reward provider standard terms and conditions also apply.


12. Flight Rewards

12.  Flight Rewards


Flight Rewards are subject to airline seat availability and applicable fare rules.


Flight Rewards are quoted based on the best available ticket price across all airlines for the chosen route, class of travel, passenger type, dates and times of travel. Flight Reward prices therefore vary dependent on these travel requirements, how far in advance travel is booked and airline seat availability.


Flight Reward prices apply for the whole flight ticket and include the airfare, Air Miles call centre booking fee (if applicable), airport taxes, duties and charges (including government and other taxes). They do not include the airport taxes that are payable upon departure or arrival directly at certain airports. Flight Rewards can be paid for with a combination of Miles + Money. A minimum spend of 30,000 Air Miles per member per ticket applies for Miles plus Money payments and the Money amount is payable with a Visa or MasterCard credit card only.


Flight Rewards can be booked for travel for members themselves or for anyone else they choose.


Child tickets can only be redeemed if an accompanying adult ticket is being redeemed at the same time or is already booked.


Infant tickets can be paid for with Air Miles or Money but can only be booked if the accompanying adult ticket is being redeemed at the same time. Infant tickets cannot be booked separately and or added on to an existing booking at a later stage.


Additional tickets which need to be paid fully with money cannot be processed by Air Miles and must be booked directly with a travel agency or airline.


Air Miles cannot be spent towards open ended travel and dates for all flight bookings have to be confirmed when making the Flight Reward booking.


We are unable to hold a Flight Reward booking on a Members behalf. Flight Reward tickets must be ticketed at the time of booking.


In some cases, Flight Rewards are eligible to collect airline frequent flyer programme points - it is the Member’s sole responsibility to ensure frequent flyer points are collected from eligible and participating airlines.


We reserve the right to change the pricing for Flight Rewards at any time without prior notice.


When making a Flight Reward booking, the name(s) provided at the time of booking must be the full name of the person(s) travelling, as it appears on their passport - proof of identity will be required at check-in.


Each passenger must have a valid passport or travel document and details must be provided as part of the Flight Reward booking process.


It is the sole responsibility of each passenger to have all appropriate travel documents required by law in their possession upon departure.


Electronic tickets will be issued and sent to the Members registered email address.


We are not responsible for the fulfillment of special requests (e.g. meal choices, seat allocation). The Member will need to contact the airline directly for all special requests.


Following the Flight Reward booking, any flight updates will not be communicated by Air Miles. The airline or travel agency will make best endeavours to communicate any flight updates to you, however it is the passengers ultimate responsibility to check flight timings.


After the Flight Reward booking has been confirmed and the ticket(s) issued, any changes or cancellations are subject to applicable fare rules and fees will apply.


13. Hotel Rewards

13. Hotel Rewards


Hotel bookings are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the hotel.


Hotel booking prices apply for the room stay only unless specified otherwise at the time of booking. All additional costs are the liability of the primary guest and payable to the hotel directly. An additional Air Miles call centre booking fee applies for bookings made via the call centre. No booking fee applies for online bookings. Hotel bookings must be booked in the name of the primary guest who should be at least 18 years of age at the time of check-in.


Hotel bookings are non-transferable.


A valid photo identification will be required at the time of check-in for each guest member.


Only one hotel booking can be made per redemption. Maximum number of people that can be booked at a hotel per redemption is 9. 

A deposit payment may be required by the hotel at the time of check-in.


Expenses incurred during the hotel stay including telephone charges, pay television, meals (unless specified), laundry, room service, mini bar, tips etc. are additional costs which must be paid directly to the hotel at the time of check-out.

Check-in and check-out times are as per the hotel terms and conditions.


Special requests (e.g. interconnecting rooms, adjacent rooms, rooms on the same floor, certain specific type of rooms etc.) should be requested with the hotel directly and are subject to availability at the time of check in and at the hotel discretion.


After the hotel booking has been confirmed changes or cancellations can only be made if permitted within the hotel rules of the booking and charges will apply, payable with your credit card.


14. Flight and Hotel Booking Amendments and Cancellations

14. Flight and Hotel Booking Amendments and Cancellations


Amendments and cancellations can only be made if permitted within the terms and conditions of the travel booking from the airline, hotel or car rental provider. 

Fare rules should be checked at the time of booking.  Please refer to the full terms and conditions of the airline which can be found on the airline, hotel or car rental website.


Amendments and cancellations must be made by calling the Air Miles call centre between 9am and 6pm (UAE time) Sunday to Thursday, excluding Government and National holidays and at least 1 working day prior to date of flight departure and hotel check-in.


In the event that amendments or cancellations are made directly with the airline and hotel provider Air Miles will be unable to subsequently change, cancel or refund your booking. 


An amendment fee of AED 150 applies to each amendment made to any hotel booking or per passenger for flight bookings. This fee is in addition to any fees applied by the applicable flight, hotel or car rental provider..


A cancellation fee of AED 150 applies to each cancellation of any hotel booking or per passenger for flight bookings. This fee is in addition to any fees applied by the applicable flight, hotel or car rental provider


Refunds can only be credited to the original payment card used.


Any amendment or cancellation fees imposed by the flight and hotel provider must be paid by a Visa or MasterCard credit card only.


For flight bookings only date changes can be made. Airport changes, re-routing and flight upgrades are not permitted.


In instances where amendments result in a higher price customers must pay the additional cost as money with a Visa or MasterCard credit card only.  In instances where amendments result in a lower price a refund of Air Miles or money will not be given.


In the event of any permitted cancellations all applicable cancellation fees must be paid with a Visa or MasterCard credit card prior to any refund being provided.  Refunds will be processed within 14 days of the applicable cancellation fees being paid.


For bookings made using Air Miles that have subsequently expired, the expired Miles will be forfeited and not credited back in the event of a cancellation.


Failure to travel or cancel the flight booking within the required timeframe will result in the travel booking being forfeited. Forfeited travel bookings are no longer valid and are non refundable.


Refunds are not available for partially used flight booking tickets, hotel stays or car rentals.


We accept no responsibility for any loss from or related to Travel cancellation or delay, Loss or damage to luggage or other property, Personal accident or sickness suffered while travelling, Refund charges or any other circumstances arising from Spending of Air Miles outside the control of Air Miles, The airlines, hotels and car rental companies and other Reward suppliers providing travel or other services are independent contractors and not agents or employees of Air Miles.


We are not liable for the acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches or negligence of any suppliers


We have no liability and will make no refund in the event of any delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeur.


15. Your privacy

15. Your Privacy


As the operator of the Air Miles programme in the Middle East we recognise your trust is fundamental to the value of the programme, therefore we are committed to protecting your privacy.


Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information has always been a fundamental principle in our relationship with you, our partners and reward providers.


This privacy commitment demonstrates how we will ensure the confidentiality and privacy of the information you entrust us with.

16. What information will we use?

16. What information will we use?


By participating in the Air Miles programme, you consent that we will collect, process and use information about you and any additional card holders within your account, in the UAE, UK, India. This information includes your registration details, information about the use of your Air Miles Card, shopping purchases and other information that you give us (together "your information").


This information will allow us to administer the Air Miles programme  - including the management of member accounts, to accurately record and update Air Miles balances including spending of Air Miles.


Periodically you may be asked to provide additional personal information via market research or surveys (‘member information’). Your ‘member information’ is processed and stored in secure and confidential databases in the EU. If you choose not to provide this information, it will not affect your ability to collect or spend Air Miles.


17. How will your information be used?

17. How will your information be used?


Your information may be analysed to see how you use the Air Miles programme, to understand your shopping behaviour and to send you (and/or additional members on your account) information and offers for the products or services which are most likely to interest you.


You automatically agree to receive these communications in order to enjoy the benefits of participating in Air Miles, upon joining the Air Miles programme.

18. Who will we share your information with?

18. Who will we share your information with?


We will only share your information within the Air Miles group, companies participating in the Air Miles programme and their group companies and companies contracted to process and manage your transactions, Air Miles spend requests and communications. A list of Air Miles participating companies is available at http://airmilesme.com/en-ae/section/collect  (or upon request).


We protect your information, our business depends on it.


We do not give, rent or sell member lists from the Air Miles programme to any organisation or individual other than business units of Aimia Middle East FZ-LLC, partners, reward providers and companies contracted to process and manage your transactions, Air Miles spend requests and communications.


You may contact us by logging into our website or by contacting the Air Miles call centre. We may record your calls to check the quality of our services for training, audit or security purposes.


19. Opt Out

19.  Opt Out


If you do not wish to receive marketing or promotional communications in electronic, printed or verbal format, simply update your account details at airmilesme.com. Your ability to collect or spend Air Miles will not be affected. Once you have opted out, you will not be notified of any special offers or promotions.


This opt out is not applicable to communications relating to the management of your account, changes to the programme or the holding companies.


You may contact us by logging into our website or by contacting the Air Miles call centre.